Legendary Octo Sniffle 3D Printer Design Project

I’ve built a couple of 3D printers from kit. For me, a “3 hour” or “8 hour” assembly turns into 10 hours or 24 hours. I began to wonder: how could you design a printer with the easiest and quickest assembly?

The Legendary Octo Sniffle project is an answer to that question! It’s a delta printer under design, featuring a lead-screw drive and magnetic effector joints.

I have a few former students and coworkers who are interested in getting into 3D printing, so we’re getting together to design the printed parts.

See the Legendary Octo Sniffle design repo on GitHub.

Depiction of a simple effector carriage/sled.
Depiction of a simple effector carriage/sled for the Legendary Octo Sniffle.