Praxis II Mathematics, 0061

Studying for this month’s Praxis II Mathematics Content Knowledge test was tough. Every source on the internet claims that there are no good professionally produced practice tests; people find the real thing terribly more difficult. So I wasn’t comforted by the fact that I was doing well on all of my pre-tests.

I think they must have eased up this season, because the test was only somewhat more difficult than the ETS-produced practice test. Based on my performance in practice, I’ll guess I missed 3 to 5. If you’re concerned like I was, you can benchmark your progress against my history:

  • I finished the Cliff’s Notes (2006) tests in 60-75 minutes each, scoring 40-43 per test.
  • I reviewed each of these tests, and recompleted them in 45-60 minutes per test.
  • I did this guy’s test. It took me about an hour (it’s a half test, so that’s equivalent to two hours on a full test) and I got 21 (or 42 on a full test).
  • I completed the ETS-produced practice test in about 75 minutes, scoring 43.

When test day came I spent 90 minutes on my first pass, marking maybe 8 questions as educated guesses. On my second pass I was able to turn 7 of those into solid answers.

I’ll post an update when I get my score back!

I hope that helps anyone who’s freaking out about the test based on message-board chat. The test was definitely tougher than the actual test I took. The ETS produced practice test was only somewhat less difficult than the actual test, and is worth the $14. The Cliff’s Notes (2006) tests were good practice, but definitely much easier than the actual test. The Cliff’s Notes book was a good book, though, to review principles from.

Update: I scored a 181